3D scanning
in E -commerce

Reduce your return rates and offer your customers an astonishing quality of product visualization with the help of 3D technology.


Product visualization is an essential part of sales promotion in digital retail – 3D models open up completely new possibilities for product display.

Considering the high return rates, it's no surprise that consumers are increasingly choosing manufacturers that use AR & VR technologies to offer a true-to-life impression of the product.

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Marketing ready 3d models

Use our efficient scanning solutions for creating high volume marketing-ready 3D models, which in many cases do not require any post-processing. If you want to integrate the model in a game engine (e.g. Unreal Engine, Unity, CRYENGINE) to place it in a virtual showroom or a video game, our detailed 3D scans provide the perfect basis for the VR-ready models required you will need. In this case, the post-processing effort by 3D artists is reduced tremendously.

Working with botspot is exactly what you want from a partner. The botspot team knows their trade, is open to new things and implements customer wishes with a high degree of precision and efficiency. Every project with botspot is a complete success!


Use cases for E-Commerce

Digital fitting

Marketing campaigns that fascinate guarantee you the attention of the consumers. Augmented reality enhances online shopping with experiences that used to be reserved exclusively to the shopping in physical stores.

Digital furnishing

In order to give an impression of the interplay of different furniture pieces or styles before the purchase, pioneering stores enable digital furnishing of real rooms with the help of mobile apps. This allows to check infinite furnishing options before committing to a purchase. In addition to the furniture itself, the colors and textures of individual 3D models can be easily changed.

Digital showrooms

Virtual showrooms present products in a location-independent, digital world. The 3D models can be viewed from all perspectives in an immersive shopping experience, offering a perfect digital twin of their real-life counterparts 1:1.

Highly precise 3D scans of objects with challenging surfaces

For our customer VR INSIGHT, we digitized several hundred bottles that were later placed in a digital showroom as part of a market research study. To optimize the models for the VR application, we first created a 3D model with
a reduced polygon count based on the original high-poly scan. Then, the texture from the original scan was transferred to the new model, and the correct material properties were applied to each associated part of the bottle, in order to provide a photorealistic appearance – a standard workflow in game design.

From the 3D scanner directly into the app

With the help of 3D foot tracking, Vyking's app makes it possible to try on shoes directly on the smartphone and thereby avoid bad purchases. For this innovative company, we digitized numerous shoes with the BOTSCAN ECOM I SHOE, which were integrated into the app, completely without or after minimal post-processing, and are now available for a digital try-on.

Innovative therapy approach for the treatment of phantom pain

Currently we are participating in a VR-based therapy approach for the treatment of phantom pain as part of the major PROMPT project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. The aim is to replace the lack of nervous feedback to the brain by a combination of virtual reality and feedback signals tailored to the individual user, in order to bring about a reduction of pain.

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