Fullbody Scanning

True digital twins with photorealistic texture
for a wide range of applications


Capture highly precise and color-correct 3D data of people in a fraction of a second and create 3D avatars with a measurement accuracy up to 1 mm – and with a texture down to 0.05 mm pixel resolution.

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Walk in, scan, walk out: 0.01 second standard scan time for high-precision and full-color scanning results. The 3D model is generated fully automatically – no user input needed.

Secure and fast 3D data capture with photogrammetry, without irritations through laser beams or continuous light flashes.

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Exporting the survey data

Thanks to the automated measurement extraction of our calibrated fullbody scan solutions, you get reliable data that are ideally suited for custom fitting. This 3D template can also be directly integrated into the product development process. The so-called mass customization allows to reduce the storage costs and overproduction drastically.

Medical 3D scanning

Fullbody scanners from botspot are excellently suited for capturing skin and are therefore used in numerous medical use cases.

3D scans for rapid creation of 3D avatars
for VR games

For the VR horror game experience “Kobold”, Berlin based VR Content Studio Another World had two actors 3D scanned at botspot. After mesh clean-up and polygon reduction of the digital doubles their 3D avatars could be used in the game engine.

3D scans as a basis for the design of scenic spaces

3D scans as a basis for the design of scenic spaces

Berlin based artist Martin Werthmann designed the set for the german opera “The Dead City” performed at Theater Bremen. An integral part of this outstanding set were several realistic, human-sized figurines of women. For these 3D-printed figurines a model was scanned in different poses in a fullbody scanner from botspot.

Our 3D scanning solution
for fullbody scanning

Botscan NEO

starting at 179,000

Smart and reliable 3D scanning system that captures highly precise and color-accurate 3D data of people in a fraction of a second.

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