3D scanning
in health care

New therapeutic approaches, improved diagnostics and state-of-the-art prosthetics provided with the help of highly precise and absolutely colorfast 3D scanning solutions


3D technology is transforming the health care market. Whether prevention, diagnostics, therapy or rehabilitation – with botspot's complete solutions, integrating hardware and software, you will be able to profit from the most innovative workflows for the best possible patient care.

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Automated Scanning Process

Our scanning solutions are especially applicable for the scanning of people, due to scanning speed and the absence of harmful effects. The automated photogrammetric reconstruction of the 3D model from the individual images ensures an efficient workflow, making the daily clinical routine easier and more effective.

Our 3D scanners enable post-processing-free 3D digitization of surgical specimens, organs or tissue for realistic visualizations for state-of-the-art diagnostics as well as for medical education.

Individual holding systems allow different positioning options for best results, depending on the type and robustnes of the respective tissue. Using the chroma-key process, the model is automatically cropped.

In order to produce true-to-life prostheses without overstraining the patient, it is essential to scan limbs accurately and fast. Here, our focus is on the quality of the texture, with absolute color fidelity, as well as on exact measuring.

Full body scanners from botspot are excellently suited for capturing skin and provide diagnostic support in dermatology, especially for easy identification and comparison of conspicuous skin areas.

Digitization of organs using the BOTSCAN MOMENTUM

Our partners from MedReality use our BOTSCAN MOMENTUM, optimized for pathology, to provide clinicians and surgeons with medical data.

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Our 3D scanning
solutions for health care

Botscan Momentum

starting at 179,000

Preset and individual object scanner with adjustable scan modes for advanced users.

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starting at 179,000

Fullbody scanner for the creation of true digital twins with a measurement accuracy up to 1 mm and an absolutely photorealistic texture.

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