3D scanning
in industrial applications

Benefit from accelerated workflows thanks to reverse engineering and the most efficient quality control in the context of Industry 4.0


The use of 3D technology allows you to make processes more efficient and cost-saving. No matter whether you require high-precision 3D models of objects, 360° images for documentation or extraction of measurement data for quality control.

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Automated scanning process

With our automated photogrammetric scanning solutions, you get the 3D data you need in a short time and a wide variety of export formats, depending on further use. The accurate non-contact 3D measurement creates a perfect template for digital construction processes.

Training of robotic assistants in a virtual environmenties

With advancing computing capabilities and the increasing realism of virtual environments, many projects are nowadays designed and tested in the digital world. This also applies to the training of robotic assistants. We are currently working on a project in the field of robotics research in which a gripper arm with artificial intelligence is being trained in a virtual environment. For this purpose, numerous different objects are digitized, which are then used in a training simulation to optimize the device.

Training of robotic assistants in a virtual environmenties

Reverse Engineering

Where older components are no longer manufactured and no CAD data of the object is available, 3D scanning is the method of choice to digitize the objects. Subsequently, a perfect copy of the original object can be produced with 3D printing.

Documentation of defects on
car bodies

A special focus of our current development work is on automotive applications, especially for the quality control and the inspection of smallest damages and corrosion defects with highest possible speed. In this regard, we develop solutions for the smallest components, but also for entire vehicles.

Digitization of components with complex geometry


Solutions for sustainable vehicle production:
After intensive development work, botspot achieved overcome these difficulties and to develop methods for creating highly accurate 3D models of objects even made of metal and other challenging materials.

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Botscan Momentum

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Preset and individual object scanner with adjustable scan modes for advanced users.

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starting at 179,000

With our expertise as an international technology leader in the field of 3D scanning, we will find the right 3D scan solution based on your demands.

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