Breaking the limits of current 3D scanning technology

Our Innovation Lab operates as an interface between research and industrial production. Here, our team of experts addresses the needs of the increasingly demanding markets and takes charge of the entire development process – from conception and development to the production of state-of-the-art 3D scanning solutions for the highest demands.

Going beyond
the 3D model
with automated measurement extraction

The highly precise 3D models from our calibrated 3D scanners are the perfect source of reliable measurement data.

A current focus of our development work is the qualified and repeatable calibration of full-body scanning systems, rising to the related challenge of ensuring millimeter-accurate measurements and establishing universal standards in this field – a core requirement for many areas of applications that are dependent on verified data.

3D scans of objects with reflective or transparent surfaces

Photogrammetric 3D scans of objects with glass surfaces are not easy to be found, and if so, they have rarely been created with pure photogrammetry, but rather with the help of extensive 3D artist’s work.

While matt surfaces seldomly cause problems for 3D scanning, highly glossy and transparent surfaces tend to create issues when calculating the point cloud.

This is caused by the lack of distinctive features that the software can identify – essential for an exact 3D reconstruction. The consequences usually are grave errors in the point cloud and defective 3D models. After intensive work, we have developed methods to create highly precise 3D models of objects from glass and other challenging materials, mainly employing photogrammetry.

We are happy to prove to you the quality of our 3D scanning solutions.
Our professional proof of concepts will provide the basis for your digitization strategy.

Concentrate on the essentials. Our 3D artists will take care of the work

We are committed to ensuring that your 3D models meet the requirements of your project. Wherever needed, our experienced 3D artists can take over the complete process of post-processing and optimization of the 3D model. Just let us know what we can do for you.

We take care of texture & UV mapping and add surface properties like reflection, metallness etc. to your models. Additionally, we optimize 3D models for VR/AR/XR applications, for game engines like Unreal Engine or Unity or for film & advertising.

The collaboration with botspot was and is a stroke of luck for us. We digitize FMCG for VR and AR applications like digital market research and store planning. We spontaneously needed support in creating high-quality 3D assets and approached botspot. The contact and deliveries are fast, precise and highly professional. We will continue to work with botspot in the future and look forward to it.

Dr. Alexander Kutter


Would you like to make your projects more efficient with the help of 3D scanning technology?

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