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You don’t need to buy equipment, you don’t have to hire and train people to operate your equipment, and you don’t have to hire a workforce of 3D artists in order to brush up your 3D models. All you need to do is to send us your items and we take care of the rest.

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After you’ve seen the exceptional results of your 3D models and how they increase the conversions on your website (or app) you might feel the need to speed up your 3D model creation.

In order to skip the hustle of shipments and logistics you can rent one (or more) of our scanners and run it at your location.Another upside is that it just takes an unskilled, non-technical operator to place the item and press the button as our scanners come as an out of the box solution.

Our remote workforce of 3D artists will run the quality assurance of your 3D models and give them the final polish so they can make your brand shine.


And if you eventually decide to build your own scan farm with your own operators and 3D artists, feel free to buy our 3D scanners for a discount on the money you already invested in our previous service.
You see – no risk, just fun.

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You are into “moving objects” and want to scan real people?

Our unique full body scanners capture your perfect scan within a fraction of a second. You will get your true-to-life avatar after surprisingly short calculation time.

If you have special requests, we have the special scanning approach: For movie or gaming level rendering of your face, your hands or other details, we'll bring in our movie scanner, with especially designed extra components for head and hands. It has already seen a lot of protagonists from Hollywood blockbusters or the most ambitious productions of the major streaming services, delivering the best 3D imagery for easier and faster CGI treatment. Let our team know what you are looking for, and we deliver.

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